Ecological Consultants

Rare  and  Invasive  Species  Specialists

About Us

Laurentide Ecological Consultants provides clients in the Northeast United States with a wide range of ecological services including field studies, GIS mapping, statistical data analyses, and technical writing and editing. We work hard to ensure effective communication between ourselves and our clients, and that they receive high quality products within the desired time frame. We specialize in providing support when a project may potentially impact rare and endangered species, or involve invasive species. When state or federal agencies require assessments, surveys, or monitoring by qualified biologists having expertise with a particular species or group of organisms, we provide cost-effective services to meet those requirements. Laurentide's biologists have over 20 years of experience working with both rare and invasive species and have conducted surveys, inventories, and long-term monitoring for plants and a wide range of wildlife taxa. Our staff has worked throughout the region and we are approved by Natural Heritage programs and state agencies to work with protected species and habitat types. For large projects we have the capability of teaming up with other highly qualified scientists, with whom we have long-standing relationships, to meet any project demands. We work in a variety of habitats ranging from river and lake bottoms to cliff faces and mountain tops, and are equally versatile in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. We also provide advanced GIS mapping services including the production of professional-quality maps to present project results and spatial data analyses for decision making. Our GIS-related services go beyond rare and invasive species issues and can be applied to land protection efforts, site assessments, and other planning purposes.